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Why us

Multi-dimensional Content

The education goes well beyond the language itself, and covers Chinese culture, customs, business etiquette, government policies, etc.

We also provide online tools, like videos, apps, and e-books, to support students' Chinese learning.

Flexible Schedule

Individually tailored courses with flexible time and location are designed to meet clients' specific needs. Customers' needs are always placed in our top priority, and we offer the most flexibility to our clients for the consideration of those with tight work schedule.

Customised Material

With years of our own practical experience and strong external support from academic institutions, we have developed our unique curriculum and education materials, which are appealing and target-oriented, and have been proven to be efficient and effective.

Individualized materials are developed for meeting the needs of our clients. We will make the utmost efforts to design and modify the teaching materials and methods based on the needs of our clients in different fields.

Thoughtful Customer Service

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated as clients ourselves, and we provided the unrivalled customer service.

We offer a free pre-course consultation and proficiency assessment to provide our clients with the customised teaching plan, and to guarantee the best outcome.

We offer individualised progress reports upon request which reflects how closely we monitor the learning progress of our clients and identifies clearly the strong and weak points of our clients.

We offer end-of-course examination and Certificate of Achievement to best prove the progression and accomplishment of our clients.

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