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We offer one-to-one language training to accelerate students' learning, and to meet the specific requirements of individuals. We offer classes for individuals at different language levels, namely, beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Our programmes provided for individuals are tailor-made to reflect the participants' interests and goals. Our mandarin courses include Legal Mandarin, Financial & Banking Mandarin, Business Mandarin, Retail Mandarin, Insurance Mandarin, Commerce & Trade Mandarin courses etc. The interactive teaching modules are applied into tutoring. Throughout the training, progress is monitored and feedback is provided to help the learners achieve their language goals and objectives.

What will you obtain in one-to-one class?

  • Free pre-class and after-class assessment

  • Free Language level test

  • Free personal training plan. The student's programme is designed according to his/her specific requirements, needs, and objectives

  • A personal teacher chosen according to the delegate's profile. All our teachers are qualified and experienced native mandarin speakers to teach their mother tongue as a foreign language

  • Free Progress Monitoring Report

  • After-class Feedback

Where will you take classes?

  • At Elite Mandarin Education Centre

  • In an alternative venue of your choice


  • Learning is at the student's place

  • Lessons are tailored-made to the student's personal language requirements

  • Learners can choose time and location as they like

  • Flexible and personal approach that enables the student to gain an in-depth understanding of everyday language (both written and spoken)

  • We ask the student for feedback on a regular basis to ensure satisfaction. Throughout the training, progress is monitored and feedback provided to help the students achieve their language goals

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