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Pre-school Mandarin Course (age 0-3)

The children experience a multicultural and bilingual learning environment where their active participation, investigations and experimentation enable them to make sense of the world in which they live. Teachers encourage the children's initiatives through exploring deep and meaningful topics of interest that begin with wonder and curiosity, and the children's own thinking and questions. The teacher guides, supports and extends the knowledge, skills and dispositions the children are acquiring.

Mandarin Introductory Course (age 5-6)

This course enhances the students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It also takes advantage of their strength to learn by images and imitation, providing abundant oral practice and observation training with an aim to stimulate their comprehension and memory abilities. This course help them master basic Mandarin conversation.

Mandarin Course for Secondary School Students

The course will provide an opportunity for students to read and analyse a variety of texts. Particular attention is paid on effective writing and oral communication. Students will be able to understand and interpret different points of views critically, and are expected to develop the ability of self-learning.

Learning through practical situations empowers them to interweave textbook knowledge and real life experiences to integrate their creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills. Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to achieve:

  • Reading & Writing Enhancement

  • Develop the 10 effective skills in reading comprehension

  • Strengthen the writing process

  • Analyse a variety of written work & practice writing

  • Understand & apply rhetoric in writing

Mandarin Enrichment Course (age 3-4)

The course introduces the most basic vocabulary and sentences to children in a Mandarin-only environment. It prepares them to learn Tang Dynasty poetry, Three-character Classics to have a better understanding of the Chinese culture, and to arouse their interest in Chinese by means of games, songs, etc. Emphasis is placed on the input of a large amount of daily vocabulary through in-class activities, giving a stimulating environment for children to express themselves naturally in Mandarin.

Mandarin Course for Primary School Students

Our course nurtures the individual student's creativity, competence, exploration, acquisition and problem-solving capability. We provide a bilingual and cross-cultural curriculum which meets international standards.

This course is designed to enhance students' reading and writing skills, allowing them to form a good habit in language learning. Students will be trained to use vocabulary & grammar properly, apply reading comprehension ability, and express their thoughts in a coherent way. They will learn effective writing skills of different genres to improve their writing skills so as to express themselves in a clear, logical, coherent way in Chinese.

Through the input of a large amount of vocabulary, students are expected to develop their writing skills gradually.

  • Foundation in Chinese Characters

  • Learn to write Chinese characters with proper posture

  • Understand the importance of protecting eyesight & backbone

  • Practise listening and oral speaking

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