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Joining our group class, you will enjoy the following advantages:


  • Small group with 3-4 students

  • Regular time schedule and location

  • Active participation with students of the same level

  • Benefit from the interaction with fellow classmates


Have a base word pool around 1000 characters and 200 sentence patterns as well as basic grammar.

Be able to express thoughts and ideas in mandarin efficiently.

Understand and use the necessary words and sentences.


Have a base word pool of around 1800 characters, 300 sentence patterns, and some complex grammar and sentence structure.

Know the fundamentals of Chinese culture.

Having the ability to engage in day to day conversation with a wide choice of vocabulary

Having the ability to recognize and write simple Chinese characters


Have a complex word pool of 2500 words, 500 sentence patterns and higher level complex grammar.

The ability to use complex sentence patterns

The ability to use business-related terminology

The ability to discuss business topics in a wide range of scenarios

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