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Our teaching

Chinese philosopher Confucius says "Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude", by which we have been firmly abiding. We customise each course, each lesson in accordance with each group and each individual.

We aim at improving our clients' language proficiency comprehensively, from speaking, listening to reading and writing, the indispensable components of a language. However, we do understand the difficulty for westerners to learn the writing of Chinese, a pictographic language quite different from western ones, and apply the modern computer technology to our teaching: we help students to type, which is useful, practical and helpful.

Language cannot be separated with culture, of which we are strongly aware. Therefore we integrate cultural management in the language teaching, while for those with special needs in their particular lines of business, we integrate business etiquette, industry common practices, government policies, etc. in the education as well.

Our core teaching philosophy is dynamic immersion. With the help of images, intuition, interactivity and instruction, our students are immersed in the language and learn it the way they learn their first language.

All our teachers are native speakers with abundant professional experiences and official qualifications in teaching their language.


Apart from the university or higher degree, all of them hold qualifications in teaching Chinese as a second language. They obtained Level One Certificate in Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC, Mandarin Proficiency Test), the national test in China, and stand up to the "Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language" developed by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban).

In addition to the professional qualifications, our teachers have experiences and expertise in teaching. All of them are carefully selected with a minimum of 8-year experience, highly motivated, organised and personable, and have excellent manners and communication skills.

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