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Training Features

An optimum corporate language training programme starts with a comprehensive client assessment. Conducting this assessment facilitates us to create a model for the language training that reflects the real needs and objectives of your company and employees.

We offer your company and employees:

  • Online learning platform (videos, e-books, apps,  etc.)

  • Experienced native Mandarin teachers

  • Company needs analysis

  • Tailored made language training programme

  • Free pre-class and after-class assessment tests

  • Advice on course format, content and groups

  • Continual assessment of each learner's language proficiency throughout course

  • Periodic reports for the company including students' attendance

  • Course and trainer satisfaction questionnaires

Corporate Mandarin


With the development of China economy, it is crucial for international corporations to make use of the golden time of next ten to fifteen years to strengthen their business in the Chinese market.


We have provided Mandarin training for businesses in different fields for many years. Our teachers are all well-educated native mandarin speakers with more than 8 years' teaching experience, holding master or doctoral degrees. Our school is aiming at offering high-qualified mandarin training to both businesses and individuals.

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