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Training for Executives


This course is designed for frontline and middle management personnel. Upon completion of the course, participants will gain knowledge and skills of Mandarin for day-to-day operations. It aims to build up a highly effective team to further enhance individual and team performance through staff development and increasing job satisfaction.

Course Content

The Goal of Management and Leadership

  • Management in Practice

  • Interpersonal Relationship

  • Building Up a Harmonious Working Environment

  • Leadership and Decision Making Skills

  • Developing Staff Competency

  • Vertical and Lateral Management and Communication Skills

  • Coaching Staff and Performance Review

  • Personnel Management

  • Building up Team Spirit

Sales Training


The course is designed for those who need to apply selling skills in Mandarin at work.

Course Content

  • Learn how to use the consultative sales approach in Mandarin

  • How to build up credibility and "likeability" from your prospect

  • Learn how to elicit your prospects needs and desires

  • Enhance your questioning and listening skills in Mandarin

  • Learn how to use body language and non-verbal communication to your advantage

  • Learn how to understand the motivations of your prospects in Mandarin

  • Learn techniques of how to get to that "YES"

  • Learn how to overcome objections and excuses in Mandarin

  • How to get your point across without the waffle

  • Learn how to build effortless rapport with your prospects

  • Learn how to make that positive first impression in Mandarin

  • Building trust with your prospects and how to do this

  • Learn effective after-sales techniques in Mandarin

Customer Service


We suggest front line agents/representatives, supervisors, team leaders, managers, assistant managers, internal customers and other departments – anyone who is a touch point so that they can learn to speak the same language, and more importantly, not be in an adversarial position, but rather, together they are serving the external customers or end users.

Training venue

  • Onsite vs. Offsite

  • To enable the participants to develop knowledge of customer service in Mandarin under the working environment

Course content

We believe the following modules provide a robust, powerful, and succinct training curriculum:

  • Quality Customer Service

  • Rapport Building

  • Customer Expectations

  • Perception Shifting

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Language Skills

  • Anger Management

  • E-Mail Protocol

  • Stress Reduction

  • Change Management

  • Communication/Listening Skills

  • Interaction/Role Play Service with a Smile



Purchasing has long been an important function of meeting an organization's need. Coupled with the fact that Hong Kong has become increasingly important as an international sourcing, buying and merchandising centre, both purchasing and merchandising functions demand prudent, skillful administration. Since the amount involved is usually substantial, efficiency and effectiveness will help make important savings, generating vast income or avoiding serious waste and loss. This Purchasing and Merchandising Mandarin course aims at providing professional purchasing knowledge in Mandarin for executives.

Program Structure

  • Purchasing and Merchandising Essentials

  • Purchasing Policies and Systems

  • Budget and Cost Management

  • Information Technology and Purchasing

  • Logistics Management

  • Law of Buying and Selling of Goods

  • Management Report

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