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Presentation Skills Training



Participants prepare short talks on simple topics, explore the use of time-tested templates for organizing their content, receive feedback from peers and instructors, see themselves on tape at least six times, and strengthen their confidence and skill for important presentations and speeches.

As a result of our Mandarin presentation skills training, participants

  • Save time preparing and organizing content in Mandarin

  • Gain control of stage fright and speak with energy and conviction

  • Learn how to rehearse and make the message their own

  • Make clear points and prove them with various types of evidence in Mandarin

  • Develop a clear flow, or structure to their talks in Mandarin


Human Resources Mandarin Training


The course, which combines theory with practice, is targeted for human resources executives or administrators.

Upon completing the course, you will master skills of

  • How to interview staff in Mandarin

  • How to conduct training for staff in Mandarin

Course Content

  • Introduction

  • Present Context of Human Resources Management

  • Company Structure

  • Employee Recruitment

  • Employee Training and Development

  • Reward and Performance Management

  • Employee Governance

  • Conclusion


Translation training


The major objective of the program is to provide intensive and high quality training for participants who will pursue their career in any fields that require a good command of English to Chinese translation skills.

Course Content

This program provides systematic training in translation of the following modules:

  • Commercial and Financial Translation

  • Legal Translation

  • Literary Translation

  • Technical Translation

  • Media Translation

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Enhance spoken and written fluency in both English and Chinese

  • Master the ability to translate from English into Chinese

  • To be well equipped with professional knowledge for tertiary education and / or employment in the related subject areas


Chinese Writing Course


Chinese Writing Course is an advanced course designed for students who can read and write Chinese.


Course Content

The course contains 20 units introducing the writing format, the wordings, the way of expression in different business formats.

After completing the course, you will know how to write

  • Chinese report

  • Business correspondence

  • Proposal

  • Contract

  • Speech

  • Announcement

  • Memorandum

  • Notice

  • Tender

  • Application

  • Recommendation letter

  • CV

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